Divorce Data collection and Matrimonial Detectives in Hyderabad India ?

Big rise in demand for surveillance of spouse on Valentine’s Day. Not only these, to-be in-laws are hiring private eyes for background checks While trying to work out your Valentine’s Day budget to fit your pocket, just remember that there are some who are laughing all the way to the bank. This week, private detectives in the city are very much in demand as married couples not spending February 14 together are hiring them, to find out where the better half actually is.

According to sources in private detective agencies, 60 to 70 per cent of current clients are approaching them to collect solid proof on their cheating mate during the Valentine’s Day season.

Captain D K Giri of Sharp Detective Private Limited, told Mirror, “As of date, we have received more than 200 queries about carrying out investigations on February 14, in Pune alone.

Although clients’ demographics on this particular day is varied, demands for investigations by husband and wives are high. There are even some children who want to know what their parents are up to on Valentine’s Day”.

Married clients have booked around five days of detective services and are demanding that the private eyes keep their mate under strong surveillance before and after February 14. Clients include IT professionals, businessmen and government employees among others.

Giri added, “Seeing the increase in demand this year, we have called in some freelance private detectives from other cities for Valentine’s Day. We are working with a team of 30 detectives for this occasion.”

Sunil Shitole of Info Detective Services said, “We are providing all-day services on February 14 from morning till late at night. Our team will work on details provided by our clients. 70 per cent of our clients are married and want to keep a watch on their patners’ activity on Valentine’s Day.”

“Most of our clients are IT professionals and businessmen who are keen to know if their partners are having illicit relations with their colleagues or friends. Interestingly, there are some to-be in-laws who are also considering hiring detectives on Valentine’s Day to gather details about their prospective sons or daughters-in-law,” Shitole said.

Some of the interesting cases these agencies are working on include the one brought to them by the wife of a city-based businessman, who wants to gather concrete evidence on her cheating husband.

She is claiming that her husband is having an affair with his business associate. He heads offices in three important cites including Pune, Bangalore and Goa. However, she expects that on February 14, her husband and his business associate will be in Goa and that sufficient evidence would be available on that day.

Shankar, an IT professional married to his colleague since two years, doubts that she may be in an illicit relationship with her friend. In a bid to divert her attention on February 14, he is planning to go on official work to another city, while detectives keep her under surveillance from morning till late night.

Yet another request for detective services comes from the to-be in-laws of another IT professional. Wanting to be sure of his character after hearing some rumours about him, they have decided to check him out using a private eye on Valentine’s Day.

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